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Greenway case study

Greenway Investment Lease Administration Services


Whether it's buying, selling, or developing commercial real estate, Greenway Investment Company has the experience, strategic ability, insight and market savvy to bring the highest level of quality and best chance of success to every endeavor. Their firm has distinguished itself by staking not only its reputation, but also by committing its own capital to the long-term success of every project. This level of involvement is part of what separates Greenway from a fee-driven commercial real estate company, our industry and beyond. Client Fact Sheet:
  • Number of Employees: 10+
  • Satellite Offices: N/A
  • Headquarters: Dallas, TX
  • Regional Offices: N/A
  • Industry: Commercial RE


Greenway Investment didn’t know how to strategically streamline their day-today administration tasks for their properties and they brought on a project manager to help with facilitate this need. The department head came to the realization that the resources were not being handled correctly and in return caused a loss of time and efficiency in the matter. There was no evidence that there were prior processes put into place, but Greenway Investment came to the conclusion that they needed assistance with back office services immediately.

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