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CMS Payment Integration Leading Real Estate Firm


The client is a real estate brokerage firm that focuses on coordinating with their clients to sell their assets at the highest possible price. The client operates a Real Estate Alliance website. This website is a crowdsourced database providing information to the commercial real estate industry (“CRE”). Property information, capital market (sales, debt and equity) and lease comps are available via the website. Originally founded in the 1980’s, the alliance’s website’s database contains over 25 years of North American commercial real estate data.


The client required a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to store contacts, properties database with their sales, Lease Comparables & occupancy information. The client wanted this CRM application to be as database and web application which will be open for outside world to make commercial property comparisons where the client can make money on user subscriptions. The client needed a solution that integrates the following:
  • User subscriptions
  • Campaign support for Marketing team
  • News and Announcements for users
  • Document Management system to store all property related documents

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