Strategic Business Intelligence (BI) System

Strategic Business Intelligence (BI) System

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The client is a leading Real Estate and Finance Group with over 45 years of experience. The client provides solutions for leasing, property management, land development, commercial real estate brokerage, acquisition, commercial lending and other areas of real estate.


The client constitutes a group of companies that collectively work together on a common goal of providing the best services in the real estate domain. Each company in the group follows similar set of principles but caters to a different section of the real estate domain.

But, to reach this goal each entity in the group follows its own processes and systems. For example, the entity working on the commercial real estate domain would prefer to use JD Edwards, the residential oriented entity would use Yardi, and many entities would even prefer to use Excel or some old legacy systems.

To view a consolidated view of the group, the top management would get a consolidated report after nearly a month’s time. The Top management used this already stale data to take decisions. The top management would get a consolidated feedback on its decisions in around a quarter years time from the constituent entities. These time cycles created roblems in getting a consistent view of the company.

The client required a system to monitor the business, know the current and future revenue visibility and to adapt to a changing scenario. The system required to integrate:

  • Quality reports
  • Collate the data from diverse systems and ensure the accuracy and quality of service
  • Automate the data collating process
  • Scale with the increase of different systems and growing data without adding major overhead and complexity

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Centralized Data Warehouse: Retransform developed a centralized data warehouse, integrating diverse systems like Salesforce, Yardi, and JD Edwards, to provide real-time data access and accuracy.

Automated ETL Engine: An automated Extract, Transfer, Load (ETL) engine was created to fetch data from various systems, ensuring consistent and timely reporting.

Improved Decision-Making: The solution provided current and future revenue visibility, enabling the top management to make informed decisions quickly, reducing reliance on outdated reports.