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We are experts in developing and implementing state-of-the-art technology, tailored to your business requirements. Through our products and services, we create efficiencies and improve productivity, creating more time for humans to do what they do best.

Rebot – process automation

Rebot is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service dedicated to the real estate industry. RPA technology works by mimicking the human actions which are repetitive and predictive, completing the otherwise manual tasks in no time at all.

Not only does Rebot enable a much faster and virtual workforce, but it also reduces the probability of human error. Using Machine Learning, our Rebots can execute a structured sequence of steps, leading to meaningful and accurate activity without human intervention.

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Valere – real estate valuation

Valere is a self-service cloud-based platform which provides easy-to-use online dashboards to manage your valuations, investments, budgets and portfolios.

Powered by AI technology, Valere can predict the future through extracting and analyzing your data, generating actionable insights including financial models and custom reports, providing owners and investors with the tools they need to take timely and pre-emptive action on their real estate assets.

With Valere, investors can now project the performance of their commercial real estate assets throughout the investment lifecycle.

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4see – analytics

4see analytics is a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform which works seamlessly with your systems, aggregating your existing data, to provide and predict accurate and actionable insights, with benchmarks to external data too. 4see also integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to easily access and share reports with your team.

Beyond just presenting information, 4see incorporates Machine Learning and AI technology, analyzing your historical data to detect correlations and spot anomalies; enabling managers and investors to take timely, and often pre-emptive action, allowing you to safeguard your business and significantly improve your asset’s performance.

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Secure – safe smart spaces

Secure tracks real-time occupancy within spaces or places in any environment. Individuals can now view occupancy levels in meeting rooms, co-working spaces, the coffee shop next door or their neighborhood supermarket via the Secure app or website. Secure also monitors air quality, ambient temperature and sanitization frequency among a host of other features, aiding a person’s decision when to enter a space or place.

Beyond making occupants feel safe, Secure provides access to a digital version of a property, allowing you to view the property’s real-time performance from wherever you are. Whether you wanted to know if the air-conditioners were on in a meeting room or the restroom was due for cleaning, you would have visibility of all the operations at your fingertips. This is because the Secure platform includes a 3D digital replica of your building (known as a digital twin), meaning you can manage the building’s performance and facility services, from energy consumption to carbon emissions, regardless of whether you are in the building or miles away.

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Realeyes – accurate abstracts

Our internal lease abstraction tool, Realeyes, is a web portal that facilitates our team’s work flow and day-to-day processes in a more efficient and optimal way. It can assist in abstracting the key values from leases documents and add the same data into a Property Management Solution (PMS). It is a single platform that will manage abstractions, reporting, time-tracking and audit logs.

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Aria – property management

Aria is a full featured, web based property management solution that is affordable, user friendly, and meets the needs of a wide variety of end users while offering accessible and exceptional implementation and technical support. Aria was developed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals and offers practical and usable features to monitor and analyze your real-time property data.

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Ereca – leasing CRM

Ereca stands for ‘Enterprise Real Estate Collaboration Application’ and it is a centralized, consolidated content and interaction solution that enables different stake-holders to share processes and data following the tenancy life-cycle of a real estate unit. Suited to Commercial, Residential and Retail real estate units, ERECA is an invaluable tool for user groups including marketing & sales, company management, property management, legal, tenants, vendors and financial accounts.

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What Our Clients Say

"The price was the initial factor that made us realize the opportunity but now I can add that the work (RETransform performs) far exceeds what we were receiving from companies located here… they treat the project with respect."

Director of MarketingFortune 1000 Real Estate Company

“We used RETransform for a large re-abstracting project, and have been impressed with the quality of their work. The abstracts are consistent with the specifications we supplied. They are professional and courteous, and we look forward to a continuing relationship”.

VP Lease AdministrationFortune 1000 Real Estate Company

“I’m very pleased with the work that your team has performed. There were some OpEx reconciliation items that your team found which the client was unaware and will save them some money that is a definite win for us! Thank you for your assistance with this project.”

Manager, Lease AdministrationGlobal Commercial Real Estate Services and Investment Company

“Extremely pleased with the results during the test / pilot period, we were convinced that our business processes were in safe hands, so we contracted them for a longer term period to take over our Lease Administration and Accounting functions.”.

CEOReal Estate Company

“I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you how great our roll-out went this week, and how part of that success was a direct result of the RETransform team’s effort on this project. I always received timely responses and the team who were very mindful of our deadlines and always delivered when they said they would. Everyone at our company was very excited and impressed by the end product that we created."

Manager of Information SystemReal Estate Investment and Management Company

“You have done a very nice job of fixing the report and I sincerely appreciate your work!

Manager of ApplicationsNYSE Listed Commercial Real Estate Finance and Property Investment Company

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