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Speeding up the journey to net zero with Secure

Speeding up the journey to net zero with Secure

This year’s National Clean Air Day in the UK takes place on 16th June - and the challenge is for us all to take action to improve the air quality around us.

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental health risks of our time. It’s responsible for serious health issues in children, affects our mental health, and reportedly causes up to 4.5 million deaths each year globally, according to The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and Health Effects Institute Global Burden of Disease Study. The quality of the air we breathe is in fact the main determinant for our health, influencing every aspect of our daily lives, including our productivity.

Not surprisingly, air quality is moving up the real estate agenda fast, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a drive towards providing healthier, greener workplaces for employees, today’s occupiers have new demands. They want workplaces that harness the positive impact of biophilic design and materials, better managed indoor air quality, natural light and restorative spaces.

In fact, perceived air quality is now a major deciding factor in employees’ willingness to return to the office.

Demand for healthy buildings

In a 2021 survey of real estate investors owning $5.75 million of property, the United Nations Environmental Programme Finance Initiative Property Working Group, BentallGreenOak, and the Center for Active Design, found that 87 percent of surveyed investors saw increased demand for healthy buildings over the previous 12 to 24 months, and expected this percentage to grow to 92 percent over the coming three years.

During World Wellbeing Week (27 June to 1 July), employers are being given a specific platform to highlight their commitment to wellbeing as a strategic priority. And as companies seek to attract and retain top talent, wellbeing has become a key pillar of ESG strategy, as well as a core component of the ESG framework within which commercial buildings are assessed.

Secure - Your ESG solution

Retransform are keen to meet the growing requirements of landlords, investors and facility managers. So, we developed Secure, an exciting proptech solution for real estate to track:

  • real-time occupancy
  • ambience
  • air quality
  • water
  • waste
  • carbon emissions
  • energy consumption.

With a strong focus on Data Analytics, Digital Twin technology and ESG, Secure helps to futureproof buildings and manage operations remotely, as well as act fast on data insights.

Use of proptech is accelerating fast – and as buildings get smarter, the real estate industry is positioned to create safer, healthier spaces for occupants, employees and customers alike. In our rapidly evolving industry, Secure gives total visibility and control, making the journey to net-zero carbon easier.

Get in touch to find out how using technology can make your environment healthier for everyone. 

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