Q&A : Retransform X Tango

Interview with Allison Cohen, Director of Partnerships at Tango

Although each customer’s approach to hybrid may vary, what is needed to plan, execute, and monitor an approach is often very similar across customers. Tango has everything from space forecasting to manage changing demands, a reservation application to increase employee engagement and collaboration, tools to support ratio seating and neighborhoods to optimize space, ability to collect and monitor actual utilization data for strategic decision making, and restacking tools with What-If Scenario Planning to execute changes.

For more information on Tango Space, watch this brief video.

Tango offers the only holistic solution that addresses all aspects of your lease portfolio, including administration, financials and accounting. You’ll have the ability to proactively manage all activities including options, expirations, renewals, key clauses, co-tenancy, recurring costs, rent rolls, expense reconciliation, and accounting compliance.

Tango modules are connected to enable insights across disciplines such as comparing workplace utilization with lease costs and options to strategize which locations to keep or close. Tango Portfolio Strategy was devised to provide customers multiple paths to enable insights and plan execution:

1) Load select data points from disparate existing systems and quickly see insights, and develop tactics and strategies without the lengthy process of changing systems.


2) Leverage Tango modules in full or supplement with data from existing systems. Reference a recent Press Release on Portfolio Strategy.

For retailers and restaurant concepts to thrive, they must reorient around a single view of the burgeoning cross-channel customer, recalibrate sales forecasting and market optimization models for omnichannel, and reposition store formats and location strategies to better serve customers. With advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Tango customers can quickly adapt to new consumer behaviors, and ensure their real estate strategies position them for long-term success. Equally important, customers can then execute on new strategies from a real estate transaction, store layout, development, and maintenance perspective, a unique capability of Tango’s Retail suite.

Tango and retransform have been partners since 2017. Retransform provides lease abstraction and data services. Retransform can also assist customers with many facets of an implementation across the Tango suite of products.

Tango offers best-of-breed, connected solutions that address all aspects of the real estate lifecycle, including real estate strategy, construction project management, lease administration and accounting, space management, and workplace reservation and occupancy management. This enables Tango to offer depth of functionality across all areas of the real estate lifecycle, while also providing solutions that can be connected to provide a true end-to-end solution without the need for customizations, integrations or workarounds.