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Manage and streamline your property tasks

Manage and streamline your property tasks with Robotic Process Automation

Did you know you could be losing precious business hours every day? Keeping your employees engaged in repetitive tasks reduces productive human work hours by 10-20%*. This time can be put to better use such as training your resources for more challenging opportunities that boost both productivity and morale!The real estate industry functions on large amounts of data and complex processes. Managing and streamlining such intricacies needs to be supported by innovative technology. Retransform believes that NextGen Technology will reduce dependence on your workforce for performing mundane tasks such as:
  • High-volume IT support
  • Work-flows
  • Remote infrastructure
  • Back-office processes
and more…

Fill in the Gaps

While performing repetitive tasks that are pertinent to your business, it still can become monotonous. To fill in the gaps of getting these tasks done while avoiding that feeling of monotony, we can implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Robotic Process Automation (or RPA), is a popular new technology that reduces dependence on your workforce and can perform repetitive jobs. Simply put, it is a robot that mimics human actions and allows you to automate tasks across applications and systems. It interacts with the existing IT architecture without any complex system integration.

Ready for 100% efficiency?

The industry has adopted innovative technologies and grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Technology in real estate has allowed for smooth processes, steady growth and better problem-solving techniques. RPA allows human resources to better allocate their time and skills to activities that require greater human intervention. RPA takes away the burden of tasks that are dangerous, monotonous or unsuitable for human beings, freeing up your employees’ time and letting them put their intelligence to better use. With RPA, you can automate business processes and improve efficiency up to 100% with:
  • A high degree of standardization
  • High repetition rate
  • Stable environment (including technology and process)
  • A high-quality level

RPA in Property Management

Property and facility management is process-centric, which makes it susceptible to human error and a waste of man-hours. Automating certain process reduces turnaround time, improves efficiency and saves on costs. Accounting - Downloading bank statements from different banks, comparing and reconciling them with General Ledger can all be handled by RPA. The software simply uploads the downloaded bank statements on to a shared drive or into a financial application for reconciliation. Corporate AR - Creating, validating and sending invoices is a hassle. RPA helps the AR team to validate and adjust the over-paid amount to the homeowner’s ledger, send the request to the Accounts Payable team and enable the accounts team to make the payment to the homeowner.
Month-End Processing -

Cut down on processing time for repeated month-end tasks like getting done with one task that invariably leads to another. When this is stalled, the other tasks get delayed. RPA helps you deal with such inadequacy.

What the future looks like

Robotics is set to be used on a huge scale in the future - from front office jobs, dealing with people one-on-one, to the factory floor and even business front, where the robots interact directly with customers and employees.

It will give companies a greater degree of control in the area of risk and compliance. Standardized activities are no longer handled manually but by robots. Through self-learning algorithms, the application areas will continue to grow in the future.

RPA & Rebot

At Retransform, we put RPA into action with Rebot, our bot for real estate. As an organization with first-hand experience in the wonders of RPA, we assure you, this technology is set to take not just real estate but the world by storm.