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Face Business Challenges head

Face Business Challenges head on with the right real estate Technical Software

Why get caught in a sea of data and dates on top of tedious business processes and operations? Leave it up to a fully-capable team and reliable real estate technical software. When the world is adapting now more than ever, you need the right tools and resources on your side so your business does not fall behind. Don’t be afraid of change and seek out options that best suit your objectives in the present.

Welcoming the Software Wave

Not embracing change puts your company at risk of redundancy or worse, irrelevancy. To stay ahead with the best in the business, you need the right kind of software that will streamline multiple processes across your organization. The benefits of doing so will help:

  • Consolidation
  • Uniformity
  • Accessibility
  • Accuracy

Implementing the right technical software requires proper planning, which is why it’s best to weigh out your options or even seek out advice from those who hone in on that expertise.

Common Challenges

A detailed work-flow will help you avoid some common road blocks like -

  • Identifying periods where historical data needs to be transferred
  • Mapping general ledger account codes from system to system
  • Establishing realistic go-live dates
  • Migrating tenant data correctly
The end-to-end process

Help us help you!

If you’re not one to have mastered the art of patience, now will be a good time to start. Once your software is implemented, you may want to get cracking immediately. Don’t. First, ensure all your stakeholders are up to speed and comfortable with the change. Every stakeholder, from vendors to employees, will be able to dedicate different amounts of time and patience. Try different methods of reaching out to them.

  • Work Luncheon -
Workshop training followed by lunch creates a comfortable space and a more accepting mindset
  • An Open Forum -
Brainstorming sessions increase receptiveness as users share success stories and solve problems together
  • Peer-no-Pressure -
Allow peers to share how the tool has helped them increase productivity, while they share tips one-on-one
  • Power of self-learning -
Encourage users to take an active interest; learning is sometimes done best when done by oneself. Let each individual experience the tool firsthand

Partner with the best

Software Implementation with Retransform will transform the way your organization conducts and manages processes and operations. Once the flow of information is integrated, it facilitates quicker and sharper operational and management decisions.

We have a whole range of real estate software implementation partners including but not limited to -

  • Yardi
  • MRI
  • SS&C Skyline

We’ve got your back - all you need to do is reach out to us at –